Qingdao Evergreen Machinery Co., Ltd


Your Strategic Partner from Qingdao, China

  • Quality

    Reliably documented and transparent in process

  • Delivery

    On time and in the right packaging

  • Cost

    Competitive and always fair

  • Service

    Comprehensive and customer oriented

Quality You Can Rely On

With EVERGREEN MACHINERY, products and service quality come first. Our facilities are certified according to ISO9001 and EN15085. Quality is clearly defined and documented. For your- and our- safety. You can track how we are doing something. And we can supply exactly what you require.

Original Design and Product Development

EVERGREEN MACHINERY can produce for customers individual custom-made designs according to their specifications with maximum compliance.

We also offer complete assembly on request. And if you need, EVERGREEN will also assemble, package, label, and also provide all possible related services including but not limited to flexible logistics and 24 hours after service.

Full Service From One Single Source

From consultancy to development, all the way to the finished product, one-stop service.

It doesn’t matter whether you come to us with quite a concrete drawing/specification or just with a vague idea and whether the part in question is just a simple part or a highly complex assembly, our engineers will come to you with a smart solution, and also would like to get involved in your product development at an early stage. All this at a competitive and fair price.

Truly Experienced Partner to Industry 

EVERGREEN MACHINERY customers come from a diverse industry field. And regardless of whether you are a major corporation or a small 2-person operation: we will always endeavor to fulfill your wishes and requirements down to the finest details.

EVERGREEN MACHINERY is the promise of refining existing knowledge, collecting new knowledge, and bringing one’s own abilities to a whole new level each and every day.

EVERGREEN MACHINERY is a pledge to advise you even better, to make you even more efficient, and to take you even further.